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Regional Development Framework

A. Develop smart neighborhoods that interchange with smart cities B. Mixed-Use Town Centers C. Technology & Energy Grid Buildout D. Accountability E. Diversity of Offerings

Land Development & Use

A. Construction/Preservation of low income rental housing B. Incentivize Homeownership C. Facilitate Development of Master Planned Communities

Bayou/Flood Zone Improvements

A. Infrastructure Repair/Home Buyouts B. Reduce Flood Risk (Channel development, Storm Water Drains) C. Extreme Events Insurance (pairing short-term incentives with long-term strategies)

Mass Transit Enhancement

A. Increased Connections (Airports, Park & Ride Expansion, Major Activity Centers) B. Rail Loop Access Buses C. Autonomous Vehicle regulation/ development


School Choice

Parents are the chief decision maker B. Accountability C. Diversity of offerings • Vouchers, Charter, Magnet • Input/Output, Opportunity Provided, Academics

Alignment of Community College Offerings

A. Partner w/ local business to design localized 2-year program offerings B. Allow last 2-years of high school to be completed in community college programs C. Localize control of programs

Business-Government Partnerships

A. Direct intervention programs B. Training/Development programs C. Tax incentives


Regulation: Energy, Financial, Land Use 

A. Limiting restrictions on energy production B. Bank the "Unbanked" - innovation in mainstream banking system C. Complementary Public-Private Environmental Governance

Tax Reform & Tax Relief

A. Research & Development Deferred Tax Credits B. Lower Marginal Business Tax Rates C. Tax Cuts for Supply Side D. Tax Neutral Regulations

Legislative Reform

A. Trial Lawyer Reform B. Drug Company Regulations C. Bail & Criminal Justice Reform


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