Biographical Statement

A Politician with Business Instincts

I am running for Texas Senate District 13, officially as of December 9, 2019.  My time as a regional White House Fellow was instrumental in encouraging me to get out and know my community and start to serve in my capacity as a Republican Precinct Chair in the fastest growing district in Fort Bend County.  A difficult district for a Republican to win I intend to put my corporate strategy hat on and explore opportunities for the Republican Party to make progress with the non-traditional demographics. across the District.    

Over the past year I have spent time at community fairs, cultural bazaars, PTOs, and little league games sharing my campaign which is focused on developing the inputs for a stronger climate of business success: 1) Education, 2) Infrastructure, & 3) Regulation reform.  I also continue to work in an advisory capacity to a venture capital firm that specializes in new energy technologies.   The venture is focused on the commercialization of : a) Natural gas (methane) extraction from shale and from other organic materials including urban, industrial and agricultural waste, using radiofrequency (RF) technologies; b) production.

The most significant professional accomplishment has been leading the strategic plan for the combination of the Wealth, Brokerage, & Retirement businesses of AG Edwards, Wells Fargo, & Wachovia to create America’s largest bank, by footprint.  


The work I performed will be directly relevant to my time in the Texas Legislature as we have to work to accomplish big goals for a diverse State with big personalities.  While working on the merger I aligned legacy senior leadership on a future vision and implementation process; over 8 months I shuttled between leaders hammering out methodology for the vision and ultimately a roadmap for success.  

Democratizing the participation in economic opportunity in traditionally underserved areas is part of my legacy.  I have spent many years in finance and international business and want to take the experience with the knowledge gained from being a White House Fellow and build a ‘Black Gold Corridor’ across Texas.  A backbone for business (Our Life Blood) in Texas that anyone can plug into...a utility if you will.  An artery connecting El Paso to Beaumont that has smaller splintered veins ultimately providing access to key cultural and business centers across Texas.  


William J. Booher is, and has always been, a go-getter. He has set standards very high, and will continue to fight for a better tomorrow until the vision has been reached. Working as a businessman for many years, William J. Booher has a history of excellence, and holds the coexistence of public & private interest very close to heart. Please get to know  William J. Booher and his vision for change and a winning Republican Campaign in Texas Senate District 13.


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